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At Talbot Massage Therapy, we offer a variety of customized services to help you feel your best. Our team is passionate about providing a high level of care so our clients can find balance and live healthy, pain-free lives. Browse our services below and book your appointment today. We look forward to meeting you!

Massage Therapy

We focus on deep tissue massage therapy, allowing your therapist to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia

Cupping Treatment

The application of heated cups is a therapeutic form of alternative medicine where a local suction is created on skin

Indie Head Massage

Treatment involving warm oil applied to the scalp and hair, combined with a therapeutic massage to the face/neck/shoulders

Prenatal Massage

We are certified in prenatal massage to help you feel safe and secure throughout all stages of your pregnancy

Deep Oscillation

Deep Oscillation can help pain, swelling, Oedema and wound healing disorders quickly and effectively

Hot Bamboo

A deep intramuscular treatment using heated and oiled bamboo canes. Known for its healing properties, this massage works to balance, calm and energize

Hot Stone Massage

Massage therapy using smooth, heated stones to warm and relax muscles, allowing your therapist to apply pressure without causing pain or discomfort


Relaxation can be increased both physically and mentally, helping decrease pain and stress levels, relieve muscle tightness and increase range of movement


Achieve perfectly shaped brows with our expert threading technique that considers your unique hair growth patterns.


An age-old healing practice of traditional Chinese medicine in which thin needles are placed at specific points in the body to stimulate specific responses


30 minutes $60.00
45 minutes $75.00
60 minutes $90.00
75 minutes $110.00
90 minutes $130.00

Please note that Hot Stone, Hot Bamboo, Cupping and Indie Head Massage requires a $5 surcharge. Prices are tax included.